Term Paper Writers To Your Students

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Front Porch Fall Full x

Downsizing Dilemma

For years we’ve been working towards paring down and owning less stuff (so many podcast eps about that!) and all of the apparent perks of downsizing really appealed to us, like spending less money on things you              don’t need (and less money heating & cooling a space you don’t…

Florida Front Porch

Our Front Porch

It has been about five months since we first introduced you to the outside of our house. That was our very first week of living here, and our outdoor spaces have been getting a lot of use ever since. You’ve already seen how our second-story deck has come together, so today we wanted to update…


Bedroom Makeover

Yesterday marks two months since we moved, and our bedroom was probably the last room to make the transition from “dumping ground of things to unpack” to “comfortable space that feels like ours.” So here’s where things are currently – and what’s still ahead of us (including some bad photoshop to give you a peek…